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I was cuddled up with Griffin watching one of his favorite shows, American Idol, last week and was brought to tears. Usually the back stories of the contestants make me teary-eyed but this time it was my son that made me tear up during the show.

First, there was a back story about a teen whose mom left him and his dad and brother behind for another man. I watched as Griffin processed this story and out of reflex said, “I just don’t get how a mom can leave her kids behind”. Then Griffin chimes in with, “mommy I know you would never leave me”. That’s when the waterworks began because it was then that I realized that he knew how much I love him. I shower him with love all the time but you never really get to know if your child realizes just how much you love them. Now I know it is working!

I’m not sure if he saw a commercial about this or not but a few minutes later he says, “mommy, if you fell down I’d call 911 RIGHT AWAY”. Seems silly, but after thinking about this I realized he was trying to find a way to tell me how much he cared for me. In his little 6 year old mind, telling me he’d help me if I were hurt was his way of doing just that. And believe me it worked!

The lesson here is that love is simple. It’s not complicated like people think. Relationships are complicated but not love. If only we all thought about love the way our children do.



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I Will Not Eat Griffin

You ever love something or someone so much you want to eat it or them? Well I do! My kids are so amazing to me that I often tell them I want to eat them or eat certain body parts like toes or feet or lips or whatever. I have been telling Griffin I want to eat him since the day he was born. He never protested until recently. The conversation goes like this:

Me: “I’m gonna eat you Griffin.”
Griffin: “No mommy, if you eat me I will be dead and would also come out in your poop.”
Me (not quite sure how to respond): “OK I don’t want that so I guess I won’t eat you today.”

Today one of his sentences was “I will not eit Griffin”. I guess he was concerned and felt the need to write a sentence that he’d want me to write since I once again threatened to eat his adorable toes as we left the gym tonight. Maybe he wants me to write “I will not eat Griffin” 100 times on the chalk board after school to make sure his message sinks in? By the way, I was proud that he spelled “eat” as “eit” because I think that’s a tough word and the way he spelled it was phonetically correct.

I will probably always want to eat him. Even when he’s a stinky teenager. Even when he’s being a pain in the butt. Why do we want to eat the people we love? Speaking of eating, tonight Griffin saw me pumping and asked to try some of my milk. He has asked to try and breastfeed when he sees Liam eating before. No I didn’t breastfeed my curious 6 year old. Instead I let him try a drop of my milk. He thought it was yummy! He’s so innocent and sweet. I could just eat him!

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Griffin wrote, “I like Liam” today. This is music to my ears. I already knew he liked him and I’m pretty positive he loves him as evidenced by how nurturing he is with him. There has been no jealousy expressed and Griffin is always so helpful with Liam when I need him.

I have yet to write about Liam because he is 4 months old and I am just now feeling human again after many sleepless nights and what seems like endless breastfeeding sessions. Eventually I’m positive Liam will be an inspiration to my blogs but for now he’s too young and Griffin offers me a plethora of hysterical and touching insights on a daily basis.

Back to how sweet Griffin is to Liam. He gives Liam bottles, pacifiers, hugs, Eskimo kisses, and even sings to him. He also tries to speak Liam’s baby language and they have precious conversations like the one on my Facebook page.

These things make me realize just how innocent Griffin still is. He is so young, even at 6 years of age, that he is able to identify with the needs of a baby like it is 2nd nature. I haven’t told him to do any of these things and I’m just in awe of his ability to open his heart to his brother. I know he will be annoyed in the future like most siblings are but for now I will enjoy this sweet stage with the both of them.


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As a mom I am constantly hugging and kissing my son even though he already acts like a teenager and won’t allow me to kiss him very much.  There are still a few special times where he is really huggy like after a bath, early in the morning, or after he gets hurt, but he never wants me to kiss him very much anymore.  I was sad about this at first and as an alternative I usually make a game out of it where I tell him I’m gonna steal kisses or I tickle him and kiss him, but he recently taught me an important lesson regarding how we express love.  Kissing is one very important and popular way that we express love but not everyone is comfortable with it.  I know some people who don’t like kissing in public for instance.  I always knew that but one night, Griffin reminded me that there are other ways to express love.

About a year ago, I told him that when we are holding hands and I squeeze his hand 3 times it means that I love him.  So, for about  a year now we have this little thing where I squeeze his hand 3 times and then he squeezes mine back 3 times.  I love this of course but recently he took it to the next level and it melted my heart.  I was putting him to bed one night and he said, “Mommy, when I hold your hand hearts go from inside of me into you and to your heart”.  This was the sweetest thing he had ever said to me.  Now, sometimes he will remind me to hold his hand before bed so that I can get his hearts.  This made me realize that I don’t need to be upset that he won’t let me kiss him much anymore and reminded me that love can be expressed in any way you choose to express it.  In this case, Griffin was creative enough to assert that his hearts flowing into me show me the love that he feels for me.  I will take that any day over a kiss!

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