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Bad dreams…we all have them no matter how old we are. My 6 year old son has recently become more aware of his dreams, more specifically, bad dreams. For a while he went from sleeping in his bed every night to insisting on being in bed with me because of his fear of the dark and bad dreams. I of course welcomed the extra cuddle time, but knew he would eventually need to venture back into his own bed. He decided on his own that he would go back into his room when he turned 6 and is now back to sleeping in his own bed but naturally still has the occasional bad dream. He knows he can come to our room when he is scared but some nights he likes me to come to his bed if he has a bad dream.

Last week he had a bad dream and called for me to come into his bed with him. As I settled into bed with him he said, “Mommy, when I have bad dreams I hit my reload button to start over so I can go back to bed and have better dreams”. Not only does this tell me that we are definitely in a world dominated by technology, but it reminds me of a very important life lesson: when life gives you lemons, in this case bad dreams, make lemonade, or in Griffin’s words, “hit your reload button”.

This lesson applies to everything from family, work, friends, sports, school, etc. and is something that, as adults, we often forget to practice. We are often brought down by negativity and can let it bring us down in a way that doesn’t allow us to see the brighter side of things. Children are pretty resilient and still have the ability to just start over when faced with negative situations. This isn’t to say they should learn to ignore negative feelings and move forward, but we could all learn to “press our reload button” so we can see the positive in everything. Once again, Griffin’s precious and innocent insights have changed the way I look at things. I’m a very lucky mommy!


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Raise Your Hand

When I was 9 years old we moved from Los Angeles, California to the then tiny city of Gainesville, Florida.  My mom knew it would be best for me to be raised in a safer city that was more family oriented so we moved here where my grandparents lived and started a new life.  I had a hard time adjusting to my new school and a hard time making friends, but my mom asked me if I wanted to play softball one day and I said yes.  I thank God that I said yes because it gave me the confidence that I needed to make a smooth transition.  I had always been pretty athletic as a tomboy and one day the coach asked, “who wants to be the pitcher?”.  I had no idea how to pitch but I raised my hand for some reason and before I knew it, not to brag, I was one of the best pitchers in the city league.  Nobody asked me to raise my hand and nobody pressured me but something inside of me told me I could put myself out there and do it.  I have always been proud of that and wondered why kids have such bravery but adults seem to have more hesitation to take risks?  The answer is simple but I digress.

Enter my son Griffin.  Yesterday he was playing in his 2nd soccer game ever.  He was diligently chasing after the ball as directed by his coach but in the middle of one of the plays he says to the coach, “I want to be the goalie”.  Now, he had never played goalie before, nor had he expressed an interest, but right there, in the middle of the field, he ‘raised his hand’ just like I did when I was 9.  I was so proud.  Not only did he play goalie but he played it so well and with such dedication.  He blocked a few goals and was so proud of himself.

To answer my question from earlier I feel that adults are scared to ‘raise their hands’ and take a risk because we have been tainted by our lives and taught to fear change and new situations.  Children, like me when I was 9, and Griffin, have no fear.  Kids are a blank slate and typically haven’t been faced with situations that create fear or reluctance to new challenges.  My son ‘raised his hand’ yesterday and I am so proud and reminded that I can still raise mine when I need to.

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Eat Your Corn People!

Enjoying my Corn

As you can see I enjoy my corn!

My son is with his daddy in Virginia Beach visiting his grandma DeeDee and of course I miss him like crazy.  We talk almost every day and some days he is more in the mood to talk than others since he is so busy there.  The other day was my favorite phone call of this trip though and he managed to remind me of a very important life lesson all the way from Virginia.  He called me just to tell me that he now likes corn on the cob with those “thingies” (corn cob holders) on the end.  Not only did he call me to tell me this because I have tried to get him to eat corn before and he refused, but he called me because he was so proud of himself.  To adults, eating corn may not seem that exciting, but to me hearing the enthusiasm in his voice as he told me he “likes corn now” made me realize something.

First, everything my son does amazes me and is incredibly adorable but that’s a given.  Second, and most importantly, it’s the little achievements in life that make life so great.  And, embracing change is a huge part of that.  Children are often hard to please when it comes to eating and even though my son eats most other vegetables, I have struggled with corn for quite some time now and had figured he’d like it in time.  But Griffin wasn’t just proud that he likes corn now, it was more about the fact that he had faced a challenge in his eyes and conquered it.  We often look at small things and think they are impossible or too difficult.  To Griffin, the corn seemed impossible and he didn’t want to try it yet.  To him trying it was an accomplishment that he knew I’d be proud of, so he thought to call me and tell me.  Of course, I told him how excited I was for him as he reiterated that he only likes it with the “thingies” on the end.  LOL!  So, off to the store I go to get the “thingies” as I remember to embrace change and face my challenges by EATING MY CORN!

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