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A while back I posted a status update on Facebook about my Kindergartener telling me that I didn’t know anything because I wasn’t in Kindergarten.  I of course thought this was hysterical but recently I started to think, maybe he has a point.  I’m not saying that he is right that I know nothing but he made me think of a very important life lesson that we all have to learn:  no matter how much schooling you have, it doesn’t compare to the learning you gain by experiencing the real world and real life.  I have a Masters degree in Education but it means nothing to me in comparison to all that I have learned in my almost 35 years of life.  Some lessons have been really hard and some have been fun, but the ones that stand out the most are the ones that have been the most difficult.

For instance, I was a math whiz all through school and went as high as Calculus in high school, but if you were to ask me how to differentiate a function today I would have no idea where to begin.  It didn’t stick with me, partially because I didn’t continue to use all of the knowledge and facts I gained in Calculus, but mainly because it wasn’t a difficult real life experience.

Society puts so much emphasis on test scores and grades and forgets to teach children that the true learning will take place outside of the classroom.  Then, we end up in college and forget that it’s not all about grades and the true learning experiences come from what we get involved in outside of the classroom.  I am not saying we should fail out of our classes but I think hands-on life experience is huge and should be emphasized.  So, thanks to Griffin for reminding me yet again, about what is truly important!


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