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I Will Not Eat Griffin

You ever love something or someone so much you want to eat it or them? Well I do! My kids are so amazing to me that I often tell them I want to eat them or eat certain body parts like toes or feet or lips or whatever. I have been telling Griffin I want to eat him since the day he was born. He never protested until recently. The conversation goes like this:

Me: “I’m gonna eat you Griffin.”
Griffin: “No mommy, if you eat me I will be dead and would also come out in your poop.”
Me (not quite sure how to respond): “OK I don’t want that so I guess I won’t eat you today.”

Today one of his sentences was “I will not eit Griffin”. I guess he was concerned and felt the need to write a sentence that he’d want me to write since I once again threatened to eat his adorable toes as we left the gym tonight. Maybe he wants me to write “I will not eat Griffin” 100 times on the chalk board after school to make sure his message sinks in? By the way, I was proud that he spelled “eat” as “eit” because I think that’s a tough word and the way he spelled it was phonetically correct.

I will probably always want to eat him. Even when he’s a stinky teenager. Even when he’s being a pain in the butt. Why do we want to eat the people we love? Speaking of eating, tonight Griffin saw me pumping and asked to try some of my milk. He has asked to try and breastfeed when he sees Liam eating before. No I didn’t breastfeed my curious 6 year old. Instead I let him try a drop of my milk. He thought it was yummy! He’s so innocent and sweet. I could just eat him!


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