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I was cuddled up with Griffin watching one of his favorite shows, American Idol, last week and was brought to tears. Usually the back stories of the contestants make me teary-eyed but this time it was my son that made me tear up during the show.

First, there was a back story about a teen whose mom left him and his dad and brother behind for another man. I watched as Griffin processed this story and out of reflex said, “I just don’t get how a mom can leave her kids behind”. Then Griffin chimes in with, “mommy I know you would never leave me”. That’s when the waterworks began because it was then that I realized that he knew how much I love him. I shower him with love all the time but you never really get to know if your child realizes just how much you love them. Now I know it is working!

I’m not sure if he saw a commercial about this or not but a few minutes later he says, “mommy, if you fell down I’d call 911 RIGHT AWAY”. Seems silly, but after thinking about this I realized he was trying to find a way to tell me how much he cared for me. In his little 6 year old mind, telling me he’d help me if I were hurt was his way of doing just that. And believe me it worked!

The lesson here is that love is simple. It’s not complicated like people think. Relationships are complicated but not love. If only we all thought about love the way our children do.



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