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Recently Griffin learned about how plants and flowers depend on us to produce oxygen. The other day as we were getting into the car he insisted on running across the street to breathe on the neighbors’ flowers. When I asked him what he was doing he said he had to help them by breathing on them. He continues to do this each time we are leaving and carefully breathes on each and every plant in their garden.

I think this is incredible because he learned something new, but mainly because he has an automatic care and compassion for all things living and isn’t motivated by where we need to be next. By giving the flowers what they need he showed me that he respected their role on our Earth and felt obligated to help them. He also reminded me that we are in no rush. Why do we have to rush to our next appointment or errand when we can take a few moments to appreciate our surroundings?

It is amazing to me that a 5 year old is able to see this. As adults we often forget these kinds of things and we also forget to stop and smell the roses due to our fast paced lives. Lesson here is: be aware of all living things and show compassion for them, and take some time to stop and smell the roses!


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