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Raise Your Hand

When I was 9 years old we moved from Los Angeles, California to the then tiny city of Gainesville, Florida.  My mom knew it would be best for me to be raised in a safer city that was more family oriented so we moved here where my grandparents lived and started a new life.  I had a hard time adjusting to my new school and a hard time making friends, but my mom asked me if I wanted to play softball one day and I said yes.  I thank God that I said yes because it gave me the confidence that I needed to make a smooth transition.  I had always been pretty athletic as a tomboy and one day the coach asked, “who wants to be the pitcher?”.  I had no idea how to pitch but I raised my hand for some reason and before I knew it, not to brag, I was one of the best pitchers in the city league.  Nobody asked me to raise my hand and nobody pressured me but something inside of me told me I could put myself out there and do it.  I have always been proud of that and wondered why kids have such bravery but adults seem to have more hesitation to take risks?  The answer is simple but I digress.

Enter my son Griffin.  Yesterday he was playing in his 2nd soccer game ever.  He was diligently chasing after the ball as directed by his coach but in the middle of one of the plays he says to the coach, “I want to be the goalie”.  Now, he had never played goalie before, nor had he expressed an interest, but right there, in the middle of the field, he ‘raised his hand’ just like I did when I was 9.  I was so proud.  Not only did he play goalie but he played it so well and with such dedication.  He blocked a few goals and was so proud of himself.

To answer my question from earlier I feel that adults are scared to ‘raise their hands’ and take a risk because we have been tainted by our lives and taught to fear change and new situations.  Children, like me when I was 9, and Griffin, have no fear.  Kids are a blank slate and typically haven’t been faced with situations that create fear or reluctance to new challenges.  My son ‘raised his hand’ yesterday and I am so proud and reminded that I can still raise mine when I need to.


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