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Wedding Reception

I am starting this blog to help others.  I want to use the lessons I learn from my son and my daily life to inspire others, especially women.  I have had my share of challenges throughout my life and in time will share those experiences, but after having a son for the last 5 years, I believe that we can learn so much from the way that children see the world.  Not all of my posts will be about Griffin and his insights but what I plan to do is use some of his famous and funny quotes to teach an important or fun lesson that we can use as adults on our journey through life.  I hope to inspire others and help them through their lives with my stories.

We have a unique family life so I will also be expressing my thoughts and feelings about that.  My husband and I have two homes right now.  We have a home in Vero Beach, FL where he has a successful dental practice, and a home in Gainesville, FL where my son’s father lives.  In an effort to keep our family “intact” after my divorce and then re-marriage to my amazing husband Patrick, we negotiated with my ex-husband to practice rotating custody of our son.  So, one week, I live in Vero Beach with my husband and teach myself how to cook and aspire to become a domestic Goddess.  I plan to share some of that as I go as well.  The next week, I live in our Gainesville house with my son Griffin who attends school in Gainesville.  The week we I am with my son, Patrick comes to Gainesville from Thursday to Sunday and spends the weekend with us in Gainesville.  Why can’t Patrick just move to Gainesville you ask?  Well his practice is housed in a brand new building and it is not the right time for him to leave it, nor will it be in the next few years.  So, in four years, my ex-husband will move to our area and all of us will live in the Vero Beach area.  He is staying in Gainesville until his older son, Cooper graduates high school in 2014.  Sound complicated?  Well, we make it work, and we are happy!  And, my son has 3 parents who adore him and I pray every day that years from now he will understand why we did what we did for him.

Enjoy my journey!!!


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