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Today was another successful day. Very proud to say the least. When we got home from school I told Griffin, over a cut-throat game of Go Fish, that mommy was going to start selling Thirty-One bags. Normally he would have continued to play and somewhat acknowledged my new venture but today was different.

He said, “So are you gonna sell them outside in a stand in the yard mommy?” I of course giggled and before I could attempt to explain what it was that I was going to do, he was in and out of his room with his white board and markers drawing a design for the stand he and Patrick were going to build me.

He went into so much detail and asked me so many questions. Is it going to be a pointed stand or a flat stand? Where will you store your money? How much will the bags be? What color will the stand be? Will the drawers in the register be opened or closed? I kid you not, this kid had every detail covered in my Thirty-One bag stand in our front yard. This NEVER would have been played out like this before medication. I was floored. I know that attention to detail and slight OCD are a side effect of this medication but today I truly saw how that manifests itself. It was so creative and just amazing to interact with him like this.

Is this the Griffin we haven’t had a chance to meet yet because of the ADHD? He’s always very creative with his toys and games but the fact that he created this entire scenario for something he typically has ZERO interest in just floored me! It was an incredible bonding experience for us. Just amazing! I have attached his drawing below. He said he’d do the painting and Patrick would build it. Precious.



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